Bruce Springsteen Santa Clause is coming to town 1985 Single cover on a mug

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This is one of many album covers on a mug and makes a great inexpensive gift for workmates and friends, they are also ideal stocking fillers and can be loaded up with sweets, chocolates or even a little bottle of spirits.
Please note that these are not official merchandise licenced mugs, licences are pending.
Your mug will be an 11oz (325ml) approx.1/2 pint.-9cm tall and 8cm diameter in WHITE WITH BLACK RIM/HANDLE &INNER (as in photos)
I apologize for the condition of some of the photos-these will soon all be replaced with new photos.
on some listings, you will see that I am still awaiting photos and have used cover images instead but this will not affect the printed mug.
Although your mug will be dishwasher & microwave friendly-we recommend hand washing in warm soapy water. A pinch of salt on a damp cloth rubbed straight onto tea stains will remove them instantly.
If you are going to use in a dishwasher we recommend a 40c medium wash for a few minutes as long hot washes can cause fading depending on the detergents you use-some can be very abrasive. These mugs should be good for 1000 washes in a dishwasher or a lifetime if hand-washed.